Monitoring Current Shares

The table of share definitions shows which NFS shares have been created on the computer. The use of rejection options or configuration errors can result in a smaller list of actually active shares, however. The item NFS Server > Shared Objects can be used at any time to monitor which shares a NFS server is actually hosting. This feature is not restricted to the current computer, you can also use it for other NFS servers of the local network. In addition, the list of clients which have access permission is shown for each share.

Perform the following steps to display the list of actually activated shares:

  1. In the left overview column of the control window, select the item NFS Server > Shared Objects, or select the menu item Configuration > Show Shared Objects.
  2. The list of active shares will be displayed in the upper table. The computer to which this list applies is shown at the right side above the table.

Click the button Select remote server… to display the list of a different NFS server. The server has to be specified either by its IPv4 address or by its DNS name. If you like to get back to the current computer, click the button This computer. To update the list, click the button with the arrow symbol at the right side below the table.

When selecting a share in the table, its details will be shown in the lower half of the window. The table Computers with access permission lists all clients which are permitted to access the selected share. The little knob between the two tables can be used to modify the relative sizes of the upper and lower parts of the display.