Customizing Layout of the Menu Bar Display

When you select the section Preferences > Menu Bar Layout in the sidebar of the control window, you can define settings that become effective for all monitor items in the menu bar.

Decimal places

Space in the menu bar can be limited, especially when using small screens. To save some real estate, System Monitor can be forced to omit the display of places behind the decimal point for all large numeric displays shown in the menu bar. You can select between the two items

Percentage and temperature values are usually displayed with one digit behind the decimal point. This setting has no effect on bar displays containing two lines.

History Graphs and Bar Graphs

The widths of graphs shown directly within the menu-bar area can be specified as well. They can be set independently for history graphs and bar graph displays. The widths can be set infinitely variable, decreasing the size down to the half of the standard size, saving screen space. Similarly, you can also extend the widths up to double the value of the normal sizes, in particular to recognize more time details within history graphs.

To do this, move one of the sliders within the box Widths of variable objects either in the direction small or large. The left slider controls history graphs, while the right slider controls bar graphs. The change will become visible in a sample bar and also takes effect on the menu bar immediately. Clicking the button Set default will return to standard size.

The time intervals shown in history graphs will always be the same. Only the graphical presentations will be stretched or compressed.

Order of Items (only necessary for operating systems prior to macOS 10.12)

As explained in the introduction, older versions of the operating system do not allow to grab individual items in the menu bar directly with the mouse, or to move items to the rightmost area which is reserved for the official menu bar icons of the operating system. However, you can customize the sort order of items within System Monitor in any way you like. Perform the following steps to change the order:

  1. Ensure the control window of System Monitor is open.
  2. Select the item Preferences > Menu Bar Layout in the sidebar.
  3. Grab a line of the table Order of items with the mouse and move it to its desired new position.
  4. Repeat the last step until all items are located at their intended positions.
  5. Press the button Apply now.

The application follows the policy of the operating system to populate items in the menu bar from right to left. So the uppermost item in the table becomes the rightmost in the bar, the lowest item in the table the leftmost item of the bar, within the set of items belonging to System Monitor.

By pressing the button Set default, the items can be brought to standard sort order which is also being used in the sidebar of the control window, below the Information Sources category.

Pressing the button Apply now can cause a short flicker of items in the menu bar. The current contents of history graphs directly shown within the bar are erased when applying changes.

Order of Items in macOS 10.12 or later

To rearrange items in the menu bar or to remove them, drag them while holding pressed. For further information, please see the introduction.