What is SystemLoad?

SystemLoad is a diagnostic application assisting you in the detection of cooling or power supply problems with Apple Macintosh computers. The tool can put a user-definable load onto one or more processors. This can help in diagnosing the following issues:

When desired, the tool can put the processor(s) under the maximum load possible, generating the highest possible temperatures and highest load on the power supply. This way you can verify if all components (CPUs, sensors, cooling subsystem, power supply unit, battery unit) are working correctly when they are being pushed to their design limits. No installation is required, no administrator permissions are needed, nothing is changed in the operating system.

SystemLoad is processor-independent. Therefore, the term “maximum load” is meant to be understood from the point of view of the operating system. It does not mean that the application intends to put the maximum workload onto the execution units inside a particular processor type.

System Requirements

To use SystemLoad, you’ll need a computer which has one of the following operating systems installed: