Problem Report for macOS Software

If you are using one of our software products for macOS and are under the impression to have detected an erroneous behavior of the software, please report the possible defect to us. We always try to resolve detected issues as fast as possible.

Please verify first whether the behavior of the application is actually incorrect. In all our commercially distributed products, detailed information is available in the reference manual which can always be opened via the menu item Help > Application Name Help.

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NFS Manager
PrefEdit App
TinkerTool System 5
TinkerTool System 4
TinkerTool System Release 2
Sync Checker
Battery Monitor
System Monitor
Hardware Monitor
Hardware Monitor Remote

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Please fill out this field only if you are submitting a report for Hardware Monitor. Enter the value Apple model identifier that is shown in the 4th data line of the window Show System Info.

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